Forget the past, Live in the Present, and plan for the Future

Forget the past, Live in the Present, and plan for the Future.

People come into our lives for a reason, but it does not mean they were meant to stay. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to live in the past that we forget to live now and move forward. It does not mean we have to forget our past or those people, it just means that if they are meant to be part of our future, they will be. You have to remember what is truly important in life such as family and lifelong friends that seem to show up every time you need them.

The past is exactly that the past. Quit tripping over things that are behind because it can change the directory of your future. Learn from the past but do not live there. The good old days are just that, old.

Do not grow old living your old live because you will miss out on possibilities that you will never know existed because your head was facing backward. It is not about where you have been or even where you end up, it is truly the journey that defines you and your legacy.

Three types of deaths in Mexico. The first death is when you learn, you are going to die, the moment of self-consciousness when you become awakened to the fact that you are mortal. That is the first death in Mexico. The second death is the moment that you actually die, and you are gone forever. That is the second death in Mexico. The third death in Mexico is the last time someone says your name, because it is said that you live on in the memories of others you take up real estate in the minds of others. People look at photographs of you and remember you with fondness but there might come a point unless you are a legend that there will be someone who will be the last person to ever say your name and that is the third Mexican day.

So please do not miss the beautiful moments. We were put on this earth to create beauty, beauty in our lives and beauty in everyone’s lives we meet. Find the beauty in the present and be grateful for what you have now and do not worry about what you do not have and never blame your past or others for what you do not have. The fact is it does not matter whose fault is, it is your life and it is your responsibility and no one else is for you to be happy. It does not matter that you were born poor and that is not your fault, it is your responsibility to fix it.

Dwelling on the past or focusing on the future can make you lose sight of your present life. This can make your life quickly pass you by without enjoyment of the present. If you find yourself focusing too much on past events or trauma, or worrying about the future, there are some methods that can help you learn to live for today.

Whatever past event you focus on, you may need to express the feelings you have associated with the event, whether good or bad, before you can move on. There may be experiences in your past that were hurtful, but there also may be good memories as well. Getting out your pent up emotions, whether good or bad, can help you let go of the past and focus on the present.

Focusing on whom to blame for past hurts can spoil the present, Instead of dwelling on who has caused you pain, forgive them. Focus on present events and leave behind any blame or hurt you feel. If there is someone in your past that has hurt you, choose to forgive and forget. Festering in the pain does not harm the person who hurt you and it will cause you to stay in the past.

If expressing your feelings about the past has not helped, focus on happy things. You cannot change the past or worry about the future, so do not dwell on it. Think about happy things happening right now.

Whenever you are having anxiety about the future, remind yourself you can only change what is in the present and focus on it. Put together a list of things that you can focus on instead that are rooted in the present. Think about the book you are in the middle of, what it must feel like to be on the beach right now, or any other scenario to keep your mind off the future. Focus on what is possible instead of things you can’t change.

If these methods have not worked for you, you should seek help in order to get over your past, worry less about the future, and focus on the present. Look for a mental health professional in your area. You can ask for referrals from your doctor or ask your family and friends. You can see many different kinds of mental health professionals, such as counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. They are trained in suggesting coping skills to help people become more productive or constructive within their daily lives by focusing on the present.

Remember back to the story of the three Mexican deaths, learn to forgive and forget the past, live in the now and prepare for an amazing future because it matters, you were part of this earth, part of others’ lives and part of their experiences and you need to know that it means something, that it matters, that you truly matter.


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