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We live in a culture that pushes individualism when it takes a community and connection to survive. We are a one of a kind facility that uses Social prescribing to combat emotional issues plaqing our society. Mental health is produced socially, the presence or absence of mental health is, above all, a social indicator, and therefore requires social as well as individual solutions.

It is not a brain problem but a pain problem and instead of asking “What’s the matter with you, we need to start asking “What matters to you?”

We partner with mental health professionals as our proven programs have a profound impact and studies shows that a person taking anti depressents along with our programs are much more likely to have a better outcome. 

Scientist have known for decades that depression and anxiety have three kinds of causes, biological, psychological and social. But to say that it is always a chemical imbalance in the brain is just false although these drugs have shown to help a percentage of people. The social causes have been ignored for a long time, Even though it seems the biological causes do not really help without them. This is not just my opinion; they are the official conclusion of the world’s leading medical institutions. The World Health Organization, the leading medical body in the world, they explained it like this in 2011. Mental health is produced socially, the presence or absence of mental health is, above all, a social indicator, and therefore requires social as well as individual solutions. 

 The United Nations in its official statement for World Health Day in 2017 explained that the dominant biomedical narrative of depression is based on biased and selective use of research outcomes that cause more harm than good, undermine the right to health, and must be abandoned. There is growing evidence that there are deeper causes of depression. So while there is some role for medications. We need to stop using them to address issues which are closely related to social problems. We need to move from focusing on chemical imbalances to focusing on power imbalances.


The ACE study showed how early abuse devastates health and social functioning, while James Heckman won a Nobel Prize for demonstrating the vast savings produced by early intervention in the lives of children from poor and troubled families, more high school graduations, less criminality increased employment, and decreased family and community violence.



Many psychiatrists today work in assembly line offices, where they see patients they hardly know for 15 minutes and then dole out pills to relieve pain, anxiety or depression. Their message seems to be Leave it to us to fix you. Just be compliant and take these drugs and come back in three months. 



Such shortcuts and treatment make it impossible to develop self care and self leadership. One tragic example of this orientation is the rampant prescription of painkillers which now kill more people each year in the United States, then guns or car accidents. Our increasing use of drugs to treat these conditions doesn’t address the real issues. 


What are these patients trying to cope with?


Music & Arts

The human brain and nervous system are hard-wired to distinguish music from noise and to respond to rhythm and repetition, tones and tunes. We seen dramatic improvement in our kids.

Sports & Recreation

We use several sports & Recreation such as horseback riding, team sports such as basketball, bowling and a theatre programs to help our members to form human connections.

Community Garden

It’s not just the gardeners themselves who gain from community gardens – the benefits extend to the rest of the neighborhood and even to society as a whole.

Emotional Support

Social connections not only impact your mental health, but your physical health as well. 148 studies indicated that individuals with strong social relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of survival.


Our mission at Community Mindset is to fuel the quantity and quality of mentoring relationships for America’s young people and to close the mentoring gap. We strive to put them on the correct path to success.

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